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Leadership Developement

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Team Building

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Corporate Training

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Business Communication

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Online Coaching

Empower your english communication through our online coaching.

Coach Book

We have designed highly researched and unique coaching process.

Practice Class

Welcome to our Practice Forum for English Communication !

why choose us ?

We are Pioneer in English Communication since 2010

We transform individuals so they can excel in their professional life.

14+ Years of Coaching Experience
Trained 25K+ students & professionals
Students Satisfaction

Nobel Communication is a pioneer in Soft-Skills and English Communication training since 2010. Where I am a coach with a difference, I believe that training is all about Research & Innovation as I have designed a unique coaching process at Nobel.

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Nobel Communication

/ Our Courses

We Provide The Best Professional Courses For Your Need.

Elevate your career with our dynamic English Communication & Public Speaking courses tailored specifically for engineering graduates, professionals, and businessmen.

Public Speaking & Leadership Excellence

This is a comprehensive course which covers all aspects of English Communication, Public Speaking & Leadership. This course is just designed from zero to professional communicator.


Business Communication & Presentation Skills

This is advanced course designed only for highly experienced professionals who want to scale up high in the corporate world and want to be a very great leader. You will learn the 1% skills which differentiate a leader from a normal person.


Life Coaching

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life? Welcome to “Unlock Your Potential: Life Mastery Coaching Course” – a groundbreaking program designed to empower you to live your best life!


/ About us

We Are Ready To Help You To The Next Level

Learn the most in demand skills which will help you excel in your personal and professional life. 

“You have 7 seconds to make your first impression. Make it count by developing your English Communication skills”.

Coach Santosh Dhage

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Trained Students

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Our Training is

Highly Research Oriented
Experiential Learning
Practical Learning

/ Our Expertise

We Follow Unique Process at Nobel


Gamification Training

This training uses activities and examples from real life to make communication easier and more successful.


Interactive Sessions

Students actively engage with the content through discussions, activities, and games

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English Communication Masterclass

Do watch this exclusive paid masterclass for free. This masterclass is designed for people who want to get a clarity on the basic techniques of English Communication in our day to day life. Why communicating in a systematic manner is so important to make your impression.

/ Popular Coaching

Our Coaching VideoCollection

Our Coaching is primarily based on highly researched process of English Communication & Public Speaking. If you like our collection do check out our channel for upcoming new collections .

Weekend Series :Proactive Thinking

Every Saturday at Nobel we have special power packed sessions on various topics related to Life Skills.

Weekend Series :Personality Developement

Get some wonderful insights and small tips and tricks to build you personality

/ Testimonials

What Our Students Say ?

Nobel Communication
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I4_06 Sanika PatilI4_06 Sanika Patil
13:14 16 Aug 23
I would like to share about Nobel Communication. it is great platform for learning English Communication. I had great learning experience in Nobel Communication, it helps me to improve my communication and leadership skills.I have got a different confidence for improving, my self. Developing my sel, being positive, leadership & soft skills many skill I learn in Nobel.Most One thing I learnt in Nobel that you should be passionate about your dreams.I am so thankful to Mr. Santosh Dhage Sir for helping me improve myself.Thank you so much Nobel
Tejas BorhadeTejas Borhade
14:26 15 Aug 23
Nobel's English Communication Class has exceeded my expectations in every way. The instructor Santosh Sir, expertise and dynamic teaching methods create an immersive learning environment. From interactive group discussions to personalized feedback, every aspect is meticulously designed for skill enhancement. The course materials are comprehensive, incorporating multimedia resources for a well-rounded experience. This class not only improved my language proficiency but also bolstered my confidence in real-world communication. Moreover, It also helps me in my attitude building too. The multicultural setting adds an extra layer of richness to the learning journey. In a nutshell, Nobel's class is an invaluable investment for anyone aiming to excel in English communication, whether professionally or personally.
Priyanka JadhavPriyanka Jadhav
11:43 12 Aug 23
Nobel Communication Classes truly live up to their name. This program offers a remarkable and comprehensive approach to enhancing communication skills. The instructors' expertise is evident as they skillfully navigate through various aspects of communication, from public speaking to interpersonal interactions. The well-structured curriculum caters to all levels, making it suitable for beginners and seasoned communicators alike. The practical exercises and real-world simulations provided ample opportunities for hands-on learning, boosting confidence effectively. Additionally, the personalized feedback sessions were invaluable in pinpointing individual strengths and areas for improvement. Whether you're aiming to excel in professional presentations or simply seeking to bolster your personal communication, Nobel Communication Classes offer an exceptional and transformative experience. Highly recommended."
Gandhali SonarGandhali Sonar
09:14 11 Aug 23
I have visited Nobel communication class in 2014 for interview skills & communication and the way Santosh sir explains every aspect of this class & knowledge sharing by him is really the way everybody should gain for our career development & professional achievement. For some reason I am not able to joined this class in 2014 but I have joined this class in June 2023 & it was very helpful experience for our professional life & career achievements. The way he teach communication & leadership qualities it will helps us in our day to day conversation, behaviour & corporate life. His well-developed & motivational thoughts guide us to take next step towards growth.
Om GhotkuleOm Ghotkule
18:09 09 Aug 23
Sir it was the best coaching class.The way of your teaching was unique Santosh Sir you are the best coach.Sir your all Saturday sessions were awesome starting from PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT it was Amazing, EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE was Awesome, PROACTIVE THINKING was Mind-blowing and coming to the last one LEADERSHIP that was OutstandingI am honoured to be a part ofThe Nobel Family.
16:25 07 Jul 23
I have been part of Nobel classes for 2 months, and I have to tell you that my communication skills as well as my confidence are on the next level. Before joining Nobal, I used to get scared or fumble a lot while talking to people, but now I keep on talking.The way sir teaches and gives you opportunities to perform on stage, which takes more than 60 minutes, is worth it.Coach Santosh sir carefully understands every student's behaviour for the first 10 to 20 days and gives his feedback and areas for improvement. This is mind-opening and helps you improve yourself.I sincerely admire your style of coaching and recommend it to every aspirant, irrespective of age or gender.
Shubham NagareShubham Nagare
13:06 02 Jun 23
I had an exceptional experience with Nobel Communication! The coach is highly skilled and dedicated to helping students improve their language skills. The class structure is well-designed, providing a perfect balance of theory and activity. The learning materials are comprehensive and up-to-date.The interactive sessions and group discussions fostered a positive learning environment.In addition, I was impressed with how Nobel Communication emphasized not only language proficiency but also soft skills and leadership qualities. The class incorporated activities and discussions that helped develop effective communication, teamwork, and leadership abilities. This holistic approach truly sets Nobel apart and equips students with essential skills for success in both personal and professional endeavors.Overall, Nobel English Communication Class exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their English proficiency.

Nobel Communication

We have  been a pioneer in training since 2010. We train for English Communication, Public Speaking, Soft skills, Leadership Development and Corporate Grooming.

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